Ignoring Christmas is the new tactic of anti-Christmas grinches


The War on Christmas typically involves attempts by militant atheists and multicultural fanatics to kill Christmas. But a much softer, and less obvious, way of neutering Christmas is to simply ignore it. Take, for example, the way the leading divinity schools address Christmas.
On the website of Harvard Divinity School, there are pictures and a list of events, but not one has anything to do with Christmas. Yale Divinity School’s website has no Christmas pictures, and aside from one “Advent Service,” that’s it.
The University of Chicago Divinity School’s website has no Christmas pictures, and save for one Christmas Eve event, the holiday is ignored. Emory’s School of Theology has a website devoid of Christmas pictures, but lists a few Advent-related events and an off-campus Christmas concert. Duke Divinity School’s website has no Christmas pictures and lists one Christmas Eve event. First prize goes to Vanderbilt’s Divinity School which lists neither Christmas pictures nor events on its website.
It’s not just liberal religious institutions that ignore Christmas. For instance, one of the most prominent liberal websites that has a section devoted to religion, the “On Faith” blog of the Washington Post, lists at the top of its homepage the following subjects: Noah’s Ark, Atheists, Hanukkah, All Saints Church, Sistine Chapel, and Christmas (nice to know that the only group mentioned in the “On Faith” blog are those without faith). The Christmas section features 18 pictures, and aside from the first one which shows a statue of Jesus in the background behind Santa, there are no religious persons or symbols to be found. By contrast, all of the 14 pictures in the Hanukkah section show either a rabbi or a menorah, or both.
In other words, deep-thinking liberals who dabble in matters religious don’t think too deeply about Christmas. Indeed, they just ignore it.

William Donohue is president o
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