In a vehicular attack bearing a resemblance to previous incidents of terror, the people of Sweden are reeling from reports coming out of Stockholm. At least five people were killed on Friday after a truck drove into a crowd and bowled over people on a street in the Swedish capital. In addition, three armed men fired at police. At least one man is under arrest.

The terrorists fled from the initial scene of carnage and went to the central station of the urban rail service in Stockholm. According to Swedish Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, one person has been arrested in what he described as "a terror attack." Police in battle-gear were seen patrolling in the streets near Stockholm's busy Sergels torg Square.

Witnesses on the scene said that police are "very scared" and are telling civilians to clear the streets and to not travel in groups. Some victims of the attack were stabbed.

The truck used by the terrorists was apparently stolen from a local brewery. After driving down a central street in Stockholm and mowing down pedestrians, the truck crashed into the first floor of the Ahlens department store. Police tackled one of the culprits and threw him to the pavement. He is under arrest.

Reports came to police of an incident that took place on Drottninggatan Street near the Åhlens department store in central Stockholm. According to police, several people were wounded in the incident. Swedish intelligence services are seeking to identity the perpetrator or perpetrators of the deadly attack. Police are urging the public to keep away from Sergels torgsquare.

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