Five terrorists were killed by police in the Spanish resort town of Cambrils, not far from Barcelona where an earlier attack took place along the famed Las Ramblas pedestrian street. Officers of Catalonia’s Mossos d'Esquadra police shot to death four terrorists during the pre-dawn hours on Friday who had rigged themselves with fake explosives. A fifth terrorist died later of injuries. He was located by a police helicopter.

Graphic amateur video taken at the scene revealed one of the terrorists defying the police, crying "Allahu akbar!" The video showed the shooting that took his life and the lives of the other four terrorists.

The five terrorists were in a vehicle driving along the seaside Paseo Maritimo of Cambrils at approximately 1:15 a.m. local time on Friday when they were stopped at a police checkpoint. It was there that the terrorists drove into nearby pedestrians, mowing them down. Police responded with directed fire once the terrorists wielding knives exited their vehicle. Four were killed on the spot, while the fifth member managed to go on foot about 1500 feet before succumbing to wounds. Two female victims of the attack were hospitalized in critical condition. One was stabbed. One woman has since succumbed to her injuries. Altogether six persons were injured in this second spectacular attack in Spain in less than 24 hours. Three of the wounded are police officers.

The streets of Cambrils were deserted and quiet following the attack. Cambrils Mayor Cami Mendoza said that Catalonia’s minister of interior will provide further details about the incident on Friday. “I want to thank the Mossos [police] patrol for its quick response at the opportune place and time,” she said. Hundreds of tourists and locals, at the height of Spain’s tourist season, are waiting in local hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Catalonian security forces are operating on the theory that the now dead terrorists of Cambrils were conspiring with those who unleashed mayhem in Barcelona. They may have also been involved in an explosion at a home in nearby Alcanar, which left one dead and seven wounded on Thursday. 

Dutch tourists who witnessed the events in Cambrils said that a vehicle refused to stop at the police checkpoint along the Paseo Maritimo, driving over three persons. When the terrorists descended from their van, armed with knives and apparent explosives, one of the officers shot one in the leg. A shoot-out then transpired. Four were killed there, while another terrorist managed to escape briefly before being shot.

On its Twitter account, Catalonian police stated, “We are working on the hypothesis that the events in Cambrils are a terrorist attack. We have killed those presumed to be responsible.”

In the earlier attack in Barcelona, 13 people were killed and 50 wounded, some severely. Among the dead were children and several foreign tourists. 




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