The media are in a rage these days over what they call "fake news." But few Americans take them seriously, nor should they. Take Viacom, the media giant.
Viacom has issued a lengthy report, "Social Impact Review 2016," a statement that is strewn with "fake news" about itself.
The document says Viacom seeks to build "inclusive societies." How so? By seeking to "mobilize a more tolerant society." It also aims to "inspire young people to take action against bias."
It's all a lie. Just consider what aired on Viacom networks last night.
"Rock the Troops" was shown on Viacom's Spike TV, Comedy Central, and CMT (Country Music Television) networks. At one point, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson said that comedian Jeff Ross was "a religious man. He actually models his life after Jesus, and by that I mean he's a Jew who's only been nailed three times."
It would be instructive to learn from a Viacom spokesman how segments like this contribute to "a more tolerant society," and how they "inspire young people to take action against bias."
A little later, Viacom aired "@midnight with Chris Hardwick." The host asked a panel, "What's an even cooler holiday than making Hanukkah-themed a capella parody songs?" Comedian Kurt Braunohler refused to take a cheap shot at Jews, instead saying, "Killing Jesus so he never had to hear that f***ing song."
It would be instructive to learn from a Viacom spokesman how segments like this contribute to the building of "inclusive societies."
Fake news. That is what Viacom specializes in. It is a master of deceit and duplicity, and is second to none in promoting bigotry and intolerance toward Christians.



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