According to bestselling author and analyst David Horowitz, President-elect Donald Trump will undo the executive orders promulgated by President Barack Obama. Horowitz, a former 1960s leftist who has since become a sharp and knowledgeable critic of the left, said in an interview today with Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News that Trump "come out smoking" as soon as he is sworn into office on January 20.
Horowitz told Dobbs, "He's going to undo the 200 executive orders," and added, "He's going to take care of the borders, unravel Obamacare."
Trump, Horowitz, is "our not-so-secret weapon." Referring to New York’s senior Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, Horowitz said, "If Chuck Schumer tries this too much, he's going to get a million tweets." This was a reference to the Democratic party leader’s efforts to bring a halt to hearings on Trump’s Cabinet choices.
"Trump has already changed the Republican Party," Horowitz told Dobbs. "It's going to take a longer effort by being a leader, being a fighter."
Horowitz's newest book is "The Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America," which reveals what he believes to be Trump's strategy for the first 100 days in office to undo Obama’s legacy. Trump, wrote Horowitz, will "drive a wedge" between Democrats and their inner-city constituents by focusing on job creation. "He has a new deal for the inner cities," Horowitz told Dobbs. "The Democratic Party has monopoly control of the inner cities."
"Trump will drive a wedge through the Democratic base in those cities," he said.
Among Trump’s proposals Horowitz said, is a $130 billion school voucher program for inner cities. "That goes to religious schools," he told Dobbs. "He just will blow up the Democratic base."
"They can't win if they lose 25 percent of the black vote," claimed Horowitz.



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