Leftist gadfly and filmmaker Michael Moore told CNN that Donald Trump’s candidacy energized Democrats disgruntled with Hillary Clinton to vote instead for the president-elect. Speaking to show host Don Lemon, Moore said, "I don't think people all of sudden decided, who were going to vote for Hillary, 'I am going to now vote for Trump'."  He added,  "I think it depressed the vote for Hillary. A lot of people threw their hands up and said 'I'm not voting. I am staying home.' And it energized certain people who maybe weren't that excited about Trump but said I have heard enough of this. I don't want another 8 years of Clinton-o-rama, so I am going to go out and vote for Trump."
Moore also referred to Democrats who blame an October 2016 announcement by FBI Director James Comey that the agency was reviewing emails relating to Clinton’s use of a private email server was to blame for her electoral loss. "Democrats are doing themselves a disservice if they just focus on the Comey thing and not on all the other reasons this happened," Moore told Lemon.
"Obviously, this had an impact in the final week of the election," Moore said on January 12. "It's not the only thing though. It's disgraceful that twice in 16 years the Democrats have won the popular vote and somehow lost the electoral college. That they would let this happened again. That nobody did the math, nobody thought this out, everybody knew what the law was. Hillary didn't go to Wisconsin for seven months."
Comey announced two days before the election that, after all, the agency had not changed its findings that Clinton should not face criminal charges. Democrats remain enraged. 
Currently, the Obama administration’s inspector general at the Justice Department is looking into the decision by the FBI to reopen the investigation into Clinton. 



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