Angry atheists declare war on Christmas

Snoopy and Charlie Brown would be upset.


One of the most famous atheists in American history, Paul Kurtz, died last month at age 86. While not religion-friendly, he was by no means a hater. Indeed, he hated what he called “angry atheists,” the kind we see with increasing frequency these days. It is hardly a stretch to say that today’s breed of atheists more closely resemble fascists than they do intellectuals like Kurtz. Consider some of their latest attacks.
Students at an elementary school in Little Rock, Arkansas were recently invited to see the play, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” at a local church. Seeking to avoid controversy, no students were required to attend, and bus service was scheduled for those who wished to go. A ruckus ensued when one atheist complained, enlisting the help of a local atheist group.
For several decades, the Illinois village of Alsip has erected a cross on its water tower, but this year it will not be displayed: the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) threatened to sue, forcing the village’s authorities to cancel the display. This atheist organization is one of the most aggressive “angry atheists” groups in the nation. It was co-founded by Annie Nicol Gaylor, whose values were clearly enshrined in her 1975 book, Abortion Is a Blessing. Fortunately for her daughter, Annie Laurie Gaylor (she runs FFRF today), Annie Nicol did not exercise her blessing.
Today’s atheists have no identity save for what they are against. What else but malice would drive atheists to display their hate-filled message alongside religious symbols in Santa Monica last year? This year local officials practiced their neutrality by censoring all displays equally. To top things off, yesterday a federal judge offered an opinion that deserves entry in the Guinness Book of World Records: she ruled that displays of any kind would destroy the turf and obstruct the ocean views in Palisades Park (apparently this never happened for the 60 years that a crèche was erected there).
So we not only have to deal with “angry atheists,” we have to deal with their sympathetic dunces on the bench, as well.

William Donohue is president o
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