In the midst of a maelstrom of accusations against various politicians and public figures over sexual harassment claims, Bill Clinton is facing accusations of sexual assault from four  women. According to investigative journalist and author Ed Klein, the former president assaulted the women in the early 2000s. At the time, Clinton was associated with billionaire investor Ron Burkle. Clinton accompanied Burkle on his private jet, “Air F**k One,” on numerous overseas trips to develop business. Accompanying them were several beautiful young teens.

Klein, a former editor in chief of The New York Times, claims that Hillary Clinton offered to hire private investigators to find information on the accusers, but she was overruled by the former president’s legal counsel. 

Klein is a best-selling author, whose books include Guilty as Sin, in 2016. His latest book is All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump.

Klein said in an article at the Daily Mail website that his sources tell him that Bill Clinton has received notification that the four accusers will soon file lawsuits against him that seek substantial payouts in exchange for their silence. In the late 1990s, Clinton paid $850,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Paula Jones, whose case led to Clinton's impeachment in the House of Representatives and his subsequent acquittal by the Senate in 1999.

If negotiations between lawyers representing Clinton and lawyers representing the four women fail, the accusers are ready to air their grievances at a press conference. The charges may revive debate over why Democrats have defended Clinton since the 1990s and why feminists have ignored charges of sexual assault cast by Juanita Broaddrick against Clinton. Other women whose names have been associated with the former president are Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Wiley, and Paul Jones. Klein said that Clinton is “distraught” by the prospect of having to defend himself against the charges, while he hopes that his lawyers can stop the charges. 

According to Klein’s source, Hillary Clinton once had detectives who could silence the former president’s accusers. Hillary Clinton, according to the source,  has admitted that the current environment has a different view toward sexual misdeed, and that it is more difficult to intimidate women into silence. Seeing herself as a leader in resisting President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, said the source, sees herself running for the presidency in 2020.” The accusations against her husband may scotch her presidential hopes.

MSNBC "Morning Joe" show host Mika Brzezinski said on Monday that Bill Clinton should have resigned his presidency over the various sexual misconduct scandals that were aired in the 1990s. In addition, Brzezinski said that Hillary "needs to stop" to stop attacking President Donald Trump unless her husband apologizes. ''She needs to stop talking about this topic unless Bill Clinton wants to come forward and apologize for being a sexual harasser,' Brzezinski said. Brzezinzki, whose father was a long-serving member of the foreign policy establishment tied to the Democratic Party, said voters turned down Hillary Clinton in the presidential race last year because of her selective outrage.

Recently, Hillary Clinton said that Trump had "disgraced the office" of the president because of several accusations of sexual harassment that have been launched against him. She added in a radio interview on Friday in Arkansas, that "the very credible accusations against him have not been taken seriously. We can’t excuse the president from this debate."



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