Sebastian Gorka, who until recently served on President Trump’s, told journalist Lucian Wintrich that another personnel shake-up is in the offing at the White House. Gorka said that Trump will soon “realize how poorly he is being served by senior staffers in the administration.” Once Trump makes that realization, Gorka predicted, Trump will being “liberating himself from those key individuals.”

When Wintrich of The Gateway Pundit asked Gorka why there remain holdovers from the Obama administration, Gorka reminded him that filling White House positions can take a year. Gorka also said that as an outsider, Trump had been lampooned by the political establishment and was not seen as a credible presidential candidate. 

Once Trump was inaugurated, Gorka said that barely 20 persons from Trump’s organization were hired to work in White House positions. In what he said was the “largest hostile takeover in US history,” Gork asked rhetorically, “We went in there to do what? To takeover the federal government for the President of the United States, the federal government, if you add the armed forces, the federal government is millions of employees, so it’s a hostile takeover.”

Gorka went on to say:

“For the time being, right now, there’s a temporary state of affairs where the hostile takeover has to rally its forces on the outside of the building, to support the CEO who’s in charge on the inside. Staffing wasn’t ever going to remove them, but it will happen because I predict – one thing for you, and I’m doing it right now live – the President, very rapidly, will realize how poorly he is being served by senior staffers in the administration and I predict before the end of the year is out, the President will be liberating himself from those key individuals. I’m not predicting Steve or myself are necessarily going to go back inside the building, but he will realize and he will make changes.”

Gorka's reference to "Steve" made be understood to mean Steve Bannon, a former senior counsel to Trump who resigned last month and returned to his post at Breitbart News. In an interview with Charlie Rose of CBS, an excerpt of which was released on Thursday, Bannon said he remains on Trump's side.





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