For years, the leadership of the Democratic Party has cynically catered to the mass immigration lobby in the expectation that doing so would turn the electoral map blue. The Democratic establishment has promoted amnesty for illegal aliens, sanctuary policies for all but the most violent criminal aliens, and opposed enhanced border and interior enforcement.

But like most absolutist movements, the mass immigration lobby's true demand is absolutely no limits or restrictions on immigration. And, like absolutist movements throughout history they quickly turn on the politicians who think they can control the forces they unleash.

It's a lesson House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) perhaps learned at a rally she, along with two other Bay Area representatives, attended last week in San Francisco. Pelosi might have thought she would be hailed as a hero by no-immigration-enforcement crowd for what she claimed was an agreement by President Trump to support a DREAM Act amnesty in exchange for vague border enforcement measures that did not include a border fence. Instead, she got shouted down by a raucous mob that made it clear that they would accept nothing less than unconditional amnesty for all illegal aliens and no immigration enforcement.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the goals of the Soros-funded mass immigration lobby is not securing legal protections for illegal aliens who came here as children. It is not even amnesty for all illegal aliens in the United States. Their true goal is unlimited immigration and no enforcement of any kind - a position that Pelosi and other Democratic leaders will now have to appease or oppose.

Dan Stein is the president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.



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