Walker Percy: the heart of compassion

science | Jan 17, 2014 | By Spero News

Walker Percy
"But in the Psalms, pity or compassion (rachamim) is almost exclusively reserved for God. Therefore, it is inappropriate for the landowner to be compassionate toward his servants. The relationship of humans to each other is as children of the same father. To take a compassionate view toward other human beings is to usurp the place that must be held by God alone. It is not pity that is called for, but solidarity and love."
-- from 'The Second Coming of Walker Percy: from Segregationist to Integrationist', by Brenda P. Purdy and Janice Daurio, in A Political Companion to Walker Percy, ed. Peter Augustine Lawler and Brian Smith. University Press of Kentucky, 2013.


Archaeologists discover fresh, 358-year-old body in France

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