Professor Michael Eric Dyson of Georgetown University said today that violence directed against black Americans by whites and “vicious police” is a much greater problem in the country than Muslim terrorism. Speaking CNN, Dyson said that Donald Trump was elected as a result of a racist backlash at President Barack Obama. Show host Chris Cuomo reacted, saying, “A lot of people voted out there because they think we’ve been weak on ISIS. That’s color neutral."
Cuomo went on to enumerate neutral problems with issues such as the economy and the Affordable Care Act.
Dyson asked, “Color neutral and ISIS?” and said, “Many African-American people say we were introduced to terror long before 9/11: the vicious police forces of America that victimized us, and the way white supremacy operated.”
Cuomo called out Dyson for a “false equivalency” in which the academic and activist compared “having Islamic extremists wanting to eradicate the American way of life, and police vs. citizens.”
Dyson resorted to logic used by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who once asked Dyson on Meet the Press the reasons for his focus on violence committed by police even though black-on-black crime was a far bigger killer. “How many people have died from terror in America in the last ten years? Maybe a hundred” Dyson asked. “Most people have died not from Muhammad, but Billy Bob. In terms of white people, white-on-white crime has done far more to damage America than ISIS,” he said.



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