John Kelly, a retired Marine general, was named by President-elect Donald Trump today to head the Department of Homeland Security. Kelly will thus join his colleague James Mattis, another retired Marine general who was selected for the Defense slot, on Trump’s incoming Cabinet. Yet another high-level slot will be filled by a military man: retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn who has been designated to fill the National Security Advisor position. Additionally, retired  Army Gen. David Petraeus is being considered for the State Department.
The 66-year-old Kelly will probably not inspire much opposition to his nomination, according to the Washington Post, even while he is known as favoring strict border controls. He is predicted to please Trump’s supporters who are especially interested in border security and immigration issues.
The president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, Dan Stein, said Trump’s selection of Kelly will bring “much-needed expertise and unwavering commitment to securing the nation’s borders against terrorism and illegal immigration,” according to a release. 
Stein said that the Obama Administration has all but ignored border security and released “criminal aliens” back onto the streets, while “the men and women risking their lives working in immigration enforcement have been largely demoralized.”
Kelly has experience as commander of U.S. Southern Command, where he confronted the influx of narcotics from Latin America.
Stein called on the Trump transition team to consider naming Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to a senior position in immigration enforcement.  “Kris Kobach has decades of hands-on experience working both in the administration and with communities on the frontlines of illegal immigration,” said Stein.  “He’s an incredibly sharp constitutional lawyer who understands the law, and knows exactly what needs to be done to quickly regain control of the nation’s borders,” he said.



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