Veteran award-winning actor Michael Caine explained why he voted in favor of the United Kingdom's separation from the European Union. In an interview with SkyNews, Caine said “I voted for Brexit,” adding, "What it is with me, I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant.”
Caine clarified that the vote for Brexit “wasn’t about the racism, immigrants or anything, it was about freedom.” He said that the UK will “be alright” once the formal exit has become a fact.
Caine served during the Korean War and confessed in a January 2016 interview with The Guardian that fighting the North Koreans and Chinese "extinguished his youthful sympathy for communism." It was in 2009, he said, that he broke with the leftist Labour Party and decided to vote for the Conservative Party. He asserted then: “We’re in a terrible state whichever way you look at it, socially, financially and politically, so just give the other guy a chance.”
Caine also served during the Korean War, which “extinguished his youthful sympathy for communism,” according to a January 2016 interview with The Guardian.


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