William J. Kelly, who was once arrested for shouting a question at President Bill Clinton in 1993, has reissued a book that he promises is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago. Kelly wrote “The Rights of the Middle Class: Advent of the Rebel Conservative,” after his arrest for “being in a federally secured area,” which happened to be the back of a ballroom at the Sheraton Chicago.
Kelly’s book predicts that another Clinton presidency could be “the final nail in America's coffin,” according to a release, while it predicts violent civil unrest and the destruction of the middle class. Kelly wrote, "Time and time again, middle-class rebellion is absolutely a reaction in defense of individual liberty. If we, in fact, decide that rebellion is the sign of the times, if the rebellion is by the total spiritual consent of the people, then we must seize the moment and actively make preparations for the then inevitable changes ahead." writes Kelly in "The Rights of the Middle Class."
This year, Kelly repeated the story of his arrest by federal agents. Charges were dropped only when he declared his candidacy to unseat former a Black Panther, U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL). He credited the media attention generated by the erstwhile standard bearer of conservatism, The National Review. This summer, Kelly came out in support of Donald Trump and expressed frustration in a Daily Caller that fellow conservatives have abandoned the Republican nominee.
Kelly's "The Rights of the Middle Class" also details a “secret plot to create a massive dependent underclass of working poor and middle class.” Moreover, the release cites award-winning author Norman Mailer’s book “The White Negro,” as the “indisputable proof” that conservatives need to prove “the fundamental racism of modern liberalism."
Kelly is the host of the “Citizen Kelly Show” on WCGO-AM radio, and a former writer at The Washington Times.



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