Paraguay: pilgrims pray as terrorists clash with soldiers

"Family is the center and guides the integral growth of the human person, this is what our authorities must understand", said Bishop Claudio Giménez Medina of Caacupé, a town in central Paraguay where approximately 1 million Christians go on pilgrimage annually. He spokes to thousands of people who were assembled in the square outside of the basilica at Caacupé on December 8, which was the Catholic feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Present at the Mass celebrated by Bishop Giménez was President Horacio Cartes, who heard the cleric’s denunciation of violence and corruption in the landlocked South American nation. Said Bishop Giménez,  "Thank God there is  outrage that arises in various sectors of the population who ask for justice, and that has provided amazing results." He denounced the ongoing violence in the oil-rich northern tier of Paraguay – the arid Chaco region – where on the day pilgrims witnessed the Mass at Caacupé, a soldier was killed and another was injured in an armed clash with the Paraguayan People's Army (EPP) terrorist group.
"In Paraguay there are evils that affect the family and have to be urgently dealt with, including corruption", said Bishop Gimenez, who called for Christians to repudiate nepotism and government corruption. "The words: transparency and honesty, are not empty words" reiterated Bishop Giménez, who expressed regret that Paraguay continues to be among the most corrupt countries in the world. He urged young people to become "protagonists of history.". 

Spero News editor Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America. He is also a freelance translator.


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