Candice Owens, who vlogs on YouTube, pushed back on the media narrative about the deadly violence that claimed the life of a young female counter-protester in Charlottesville VA on Saturday. “Let me invite you over for a cup of hot steaming facts,” who goes by the moniker “Red Pill Black.” She said on a video, “White supremacy and the KKK. Really? That’s what you guys want me to be concerned about this week?” Owens added, “Do I look like an idiot?”

“If you are a black person and you expressed some irrational fears this week over the rise of the Klansmen and neo-Nazis, let me invite you over for a cup of hot, steaming facts,” Owens offered. She also cited statistics that counter the narrative of white on black violence. She said that the numbers show that “approximately 93 percent of black homicides were committed by other black people.” She said that 2012 figures showed 84 percent of white homicides were committed by white people. “Go figure! It’s like we’re all racist towards our own selves,” she concluded.

“I mean there are around 6,000 Klansmen left in our nation. You want me to seriously process that every day when I wake up?” Owens said. Noted that it is “absolutely crazy” that Americans have not seen that establishment media are behind the entire narrative, and not President Trump. “Why did we not hear a single thing about David Duke, white supremacy and the KKK the entire time Obama was in office?” Owens asked. “Do you think they were all hiding underground, waiting for the next white president? Meeting by the light o f the moon? Do you really actually mean they weren’t still meeting, holding protests and having rallies and marches?”

“Maybe the media wasn’t covering it,” Owens said.  “Use your brain.” Owens said that the media are “simulating a reality” and wondered if she is living “in a bubble where black people and white people get along everyday.”

“You’ll have to forgive me for not realizing that the figurative racial sky was burning and it was up to me to choose a side,” she said. “Honestly, everybody involved in this fake racial war is a loser.”

As for the violent rally in Charlottesville, Owen said she was “not too disturbed” by it. “I think the president was absolutely right to call it what it is, which is two groups of extremists,” Owens said. “Nobody showed up looking to give hugs.”

Echoing what famed basketball standout Charles Barkley said this week, Owens said that there are more important things for African-Americans to consider, such as education and prisons that “systematically oppress and disadvantage African-Americans.” She concluded, “But you won’t hear the media talking about any of that.”




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