A residential advisor at the University of Minnesota, Justine Schwarz, was fired because university administrators concluded that she was not adequately advocating social justice. In a review of her work, a university official wrote, "[She] has not demonstrated a commitment to social justice growth and promotion to residents." In the review, a wrote that Schwartz was fond of playing the "devil's advocate" in student debates on social justice in the residence. Her stance called into question her devotion to social justice.
Otherwise very good at her job, Schwartz was seen as a model residential advisor. The review noted, "Justine's residents love her," adding, "She has been able to connect with many of her residents on a personal level."
According to Campus Reform, the UMinn campus' conservative student publication, Minnesota Republic, reported on the leftist bias evident in the training program for residential advisors. Trainers are taught about power, privilege, oppression, and are required to watch Buzzfeed video about the reinforcement of traditional gender roles.
Among the subjects covered were the celebration of Thanksgiving, "manterruption," "whiteplaining," criticisms of free speech, the Black Lives Matter movement, the Women's March on Washington, and how white privilege manifests itself in bicycle riding. 
Schwarz alleged that evaluator Sean Smallwood had philosophical differences with her. She alleged that Smallwood confronted her in multiple one-on-one conversations and individually targeted her for her political opinions. In one such conversation, he said that she should feel oppressed because of her womanhood. 


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