Spanish court hears case on video that offends Christians

Spanish recording artist, Javier Krahe, known for years for his satirical songs and skits and a former member of a group called ‘La Mandrágora’, faced a Madrid court on May 28 for allegedly offending the religious feelings of Spain’s Christians. If convicted, Krahe may have to pay a fine of as much as 144,000 euros for a video he made in 2004 that was broadcast on Spain’s Canal Plus network. In the video, Krahe explains “how to cook Christ for two people.”

Created in 1978, but not broadcast until December 14, 2004, the video features Krahe’s narration as he removes the figure of Jesus crucified from a cross. In the video, Krahe says that Jesus’ wounds can be stuffed with bacon”, while the rest of the figure can be “covered with plenty of butter” and placed in a cooking pot on top of a “layer of onions” augmented with “spices and fine herbs to taste.” In his macabre recipe, Krahe then calls for Jesus to be placed in a “moderately hot oven” over three days, at the end of which “he will emerge all by himself.”

Along with Krahe, the Madrid court is also reviewing the case of Montserrat Fernández Villa of the ‘Lo+Plus’ program, who produced the video. She faces a possible fine of 72,000 euros.

An advocacy group that seeks to defend the rights of Christians in Spain, Centro de Estudios Jurídicos Tomás Moro (Thomas More Center for Legal Studies) took a complaint to the court, arguing that the video violates Article 525 of the Spanish Penal Code.  The group says that the hearing by itself is a “real victory in the defense of religious freedom, in which for the first time Article 525 of the Penal Code has been applied,” the attorney counseling producer Fernández predicted that this will be the last case ever to be judged concerning offenses to religion.

Spero News editor Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America. He is also a freelance translator.


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