A graphic video captured the moment that a young woman was struck by lightning while relaxing on a seaside beach. At Praia do Sonho, at a Brazilian town called Itanhaém near São Paulo. Twenty-five-year-old Taline Campos suffered a cardiac arrest as a result of the electric shock. She survived the strike, but was hospitalized in critical condition and transferred to a hospital in Guarulhos, in metropolitan São Paulo.
A video recorded by a resident of Itanhaem showed the strike. Taline strode along the beach apparently unconcerned by a rapidly approaching storm. When she was struck by the bolt, another person nearby was not injured. Other residents and tourists, like Taline, also neglected to take shelter from the storm. The video showed at least ten other people, including children, within 30 feet of Taline, who was walking alone at the time of the bolt from the blue.
Witnesses of Taline’s injury called emergency services, which was able to reach her within 15 minutes. She was transferred from an Emergency Care Unit in Jardim Sabaúna in a very serious condition to the hospital in Guarulhos, where Taline resides.
Local experts fear that people are becoming more reckless about bathing along the seashore while ignoring the risks of electrical storms. 
Observers saw that the storm on January 1 came very quickly. Even while local authorities called on bathers to take cover, many chose to remain exposed on the beach. According to a Brazilian expert climatologist, direct lightning strikes on people are a rare occurrence. Deaths usually occur when lightning strikes the sand on a beach or the sea and then transfer the discharge to people nearby. 
In 2014, a 36-year-old woman was struck by lightning on the beach at Guarujá. A photographer, Rogério Soares, captured the moment when Rosângela Biavati was struck by a lightning bolt. Despite coming to her rescue, Biavati died shortly thereafter.



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