From February 2013 until today 57 bills have been entered into the legislative process dealing with gender identity as separate from the sexual identity with which the individual was born.
Twenty-two bills were signed into law, thirteen failed, 4 were vetoed and the rest are still pending.
The LGBT lobby has taken its pre-occupation with all matters sexual to its latest most ludicrous level.
AB 1577, Certificates of Death: Gender Identity. Co-authored by California Assembly member Toni Atkins, (D-San Diego), presumed heir to the throne of Assembly Speaker, along with Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, (D-S.F.) and Sen. Mark Leno, D-S.F.).
This bill will allow an authorized representative of the deceased, to cause a change in an individual’s death certificate, to reflect the deceased’s gender preference at the time of death.  
This crowd has already authored a bill to permit a child’s birth certificate to be amended to include a wide variety of choices for the putative parents gender identity choices.
The most amusing part of this whole thing is that along with the individual who while alive was not  able to decide just what gender he/she is, the authors couldn’t decide who or how many people had the right to declare the deceased’s gender.
The bill started out with wording reflecting the right of an “informant” to declare the preferred gender and was then amended twice until it reflected an entire group of people who, forming a majority, could come to some agreement as to just what was  the gender of the deceased.
Here’s the list of cosponsors and supporters: 
Equality California (cosponsor)
Transgender Law Center (cosponsor)
American Civil Liberties Union of California
California Communities United Institute
Civil Justice Association of California
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center
One of the author’s (name unstated) describes the purpose of this bill thusly:
“The author further states that this is part of their right and ability to have authentic lives consistent with who they really are or were. An inconsistent death certificate is particularly problematic because a person has limited control over what happens after they have passed on.”
The Transgender Law Center offers its logic on this subject:
“When a transgender person is ascribed the incorrect gender, whether on official documents or in the media, it is disrespectful to the memory of the deceased person and can be deeply painful and stigmatizing to grieving friends, family, and fellow community members.”
Every Democrat has voted for this bill. Republicans Tim Donnelly and Shannon Grove along with only a couple of other Republicans, have voted “NO.” All other Republicans have “not voting” listed beside their name.
TV comedy can’t get any funnier than this.
Spero columnist Camille Giglio comments on cultural and life issues. 



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