According to Tom Brokaw of MSNBC/NBC, President Donald Trump is waging a “war on Hispanics.” The veteran news anchor said that offering amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants is essential to bolster the Republican Party’s chances in the upcoming political season. 

Brokaw said: 

“I think what happened is continuation of the Republican determination to cut out Hispanic votes on their side for as long as they can see. This has been going on for a long time. This is a rejection on the part of the Republican Party that we have Hispanic citizens in this country, and other people, who, in many ways, are inclined to share their values.

“[Stuart] Spencer, the genius of Ronald Reagan’s campaign, used to say, “We should have the Hispanic vote in our corner. These are people who are family-oriented, they’re faithful, they work hard. They’ve got all those values. …

“It’s hard for me to see the big picture, from a Republican point of view … going forward, and just giving the back of your hand to people who have Hispanic surnames. But for a long, long time, the Republican Party has been declaring war in Hispanics in this country.” Speaking to hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezsinski, Brokaw called for comprehensive immigration reform.



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