Author and investigative journalist Heather Mac Donald was shouted down by Black Lives Matter protesters chanted their opposition to her message. Mac Donald is the author of the 2016 book “The War on Cops,” and had been invited to campus to give a speech on the challenges faced by police every day across the country. After managing to give part of her presentation, once she opened the forum to conversation,the protesters seized the opportunity to disrupt while repeatedly chanting “Black lives — they matter here! Black lives, they matter here!”

The more than 250 protesters also shouted “f*ck the police,” and “f*ck white supremacy” at the presentation on Thursday.

Despite efforts by organizers of the event to calm things down, protesters remained at the head of the room where they shouted and made gestures. They chanted, “America was never great!”
When a black woman asked Mac Donald whether  “black victims killed by cops” matters, Mac Donald answered “Yes. And do black children that are killed by other blacks matter to you?” The reply elicited angry shouts and moans as the questioner repeated her query while pointing her finger. Mac Donald cooly continued, saying “Of course I care, and do you know what? There is no government agency more dedicated to the proposition that black lives matter than the police.”
As more groans and gasps ensued, someone off camera in the video could be heard screaming, “Bullshit! Bullshit!” 
Mac Donald said, “The crime drop of the last 20 years that came to a screeching halt in August 2014 has saved tens of thousands of minority lives. Because cops went to those neighborhoods and they got the dealers off the street and they got the gang-bangers off the street.”
When Mac Donald sought to address how immigration drives down immigration, she was shouted down again. Protesters chanted repeatedly, “Say it loud! Say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here!” 
During her presentation, Mac Donald acknowledged that police have a history of brutality toward blacks, for example, but said that police are evolving to address concerns about brutality.
When she brought up the issue of incidence of murders in Chicago, she said, “But I have not heard an answer for what we do with the 4,300 people who were killed in Chicago, or were shot last year in Chicago.”
More shouting and chants ensued, while one man said he was outraged that she would provide such information. In answer, she said, “You say I do not speak for blacks. Maybe you do not speak for those law-abiding residents … who are living daily [under the threat of violence] who want more police officers.”



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