Comedienne Kate McKinnon who is making a career of playing Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared once again on “Saturday Night Live’s” as the failed Democratic presidential candidate. Evoking a scene from the 2003 movie, “Love Actually,” McKinnon depicted Clinton appearing uninvited on the front step of a pro-Trump elector.

Seeking to sway Electoral College electors, McKinnon as Clinton attempts to sway the elector using cue cards while playing “Silent Night” on a boom-box. In the UK-produced “Love Actually,” actor Andrew Lincoln similarly used cue cards to profess his love for Keira Knightley in the Christmas-themed film.

One cue card read, “Let me just say,” and then the cards segue to “Because it’s Christmas… And at Christmas you tell the truth… I know you’re an elector… And on December 19th… You’re supposed to vote for Donald Trump.” Clinton’s cue cards say that the elector does not have to vote for Clinton, but can vote for John Kasich or even “a rock.” “It’s coo,” a placard reads. The cards contend that Trump does not attend intelligence briefings, for example. In a final plea McKinnon as Clinton holds up a cue card that says, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important” and ends with” Keep in mind, if Donald Trump is president he will kill us all.”



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