Actor George Clooney, a millionaire who recently added to his fortune through the sale of a tequila brand, is moving back to the United States, along with his Muslim wife Amal and their baby twins. According to Life & Style, Clooney is set to return to Los Angeles because he feels that his wife and children are not safe from terrorism in Europe, even in England’s countryside. Besides a mansion along the shore of Italy’s scenic Lake Como, he also owns a home in Studio City, California, near an LAPD station.

Clooney, 56, was a frequent critic of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, especially on issues relating to immigration. Life & Style reported that Clooney has received threats in the past because of his humanitarian work in the Sudan. His wife, a human rights lawyer, has also been a target of threats. However, both of them have encouraged open borders in Europe and America. For example, Clooney has praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel for welcoming more than 1 million migrants into her country. After marrying his Muslim wife, he became more sympathetic towards the plight of refugees and migrants.

According to Life & Style, Clooney would do anything to protect his wife and family.



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