Law enforcement authorities in Texas have confirmed the identity of a young girl who was allegedly murdered during a satanic ritual. Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences have identified Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado as the 15-year-old victim of murder whose body was dumped on the side of a road in southwest Houston in February. The girl’s identity had been a mystery until a witness to her death led to the arrest of two men who have subsequently charged with murder and abduction.
Detectives said it was clear that Genesis had been shot at a place other than where her lifeless body was found. She did not appear dressed for the chill in the area, while there was no blood found at the scene. Genesis disappeared from her home in Jersey Village in January.
On March 2, two members of the international MS-13 narcoterrorist organization have been charged. Both of them are illegal aliens from El Salvador. Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22, a.k.a. “Diabolico,” told police that he is the leader of a local affiliate of MS-13, an infamous organization that engages in drug-trafficking, human trafficking, and killings. It originated among Salvadorans who were deported from the U.S. in the 1980s and who then organized themselves into the feared organization of today. Alvarez-Flores is accused of directing another member of MS-13, Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18, to murder young Genesis.
Genesis was killed, according to police, because she showed disrespect to her killers’ shrine to Satan. 
Police continue to investigate a string of murders, abduction, cocaine deals, and sex trafficking committed by MS-13. According to police, another girl, 14, provided testimony about the organization’s illegal activities. The 14-year-old ran away from school to an apartment in Glenmont on February 2. It was there that she witnessed members of MS-13 packaging cocaine for sale. She was serially raped and exchanged between men for sex for four days. 
The girl was also taken to an apartment in Gessner where six other members of MS-13 raped her again. The gang forced her to take drugs and drink alcohol. Alvarez-Florez is accused of tattooing an image of the Grim Reaper on the girl, from her knee down to her foot. It was there that she met Genesis. After two weeks of abuse, the unidentified 14-year-old managed to escape. She later provided testimony to police.
On March 2,, the two suspects appeared in the court of state District Judge Maria Jackson. They are being held at the Harris County Jail in lieu of $300,000 bail. Both of them have court-appointed counsel. In chambers, one of the two accused was seen smiling at cameras.
The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has placed an immigration hold on the two men. If they make bail, they would be held by federal authorities. 
The 14-year-old told police that at the apartment in Gessner, there was a shrine dedicated to Satan. Genesis condemned the satanic worship. When Alvarez-Flores allegedly sought to offer a lit cigarette to the idol of Satan, he said that "the Beast" refused the offering and wanted a soul instead. On the next morning, upon awakening, the 14-year-old saw that Genesis was gone.
Testimony from one of the two suspects revealed the macabre last moments of Genesis’ life. Alvarez-Florez told Hernandez-Rivera,  "Prepare yourself. It's your turn." Hernandez-Rivera was forced to kill Genesis, who had been taken from the apartment after being told that they were to make a drug deal. When the trio stopped along the road, Genesis exited the vehicle and sat down. 
At that point, Alvarez-Florez handed a pistol to Hernandez-Rivera. The latter discharged a single bullet into Genesis’ head, and ended her life. Alvarez-Florez then fired another round into the girl’s chest.  
In El Salvador, as well as the rest of Central America, the rise of non-Christian cults has been notable over the last thirty years. The Mexican dealth cult known as "Santa Muerte," has been joined by the cults of "Martin Valverde," "Maximon," and satanism in gaining adherents, especially among narcotraffickers and other criminal elements. 



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