On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson engaged in spirited debate with a pro-immigration activist. Roberto Hernandez of California is planning another 'Day Without Immigrants' to protest his opposition to President Trump's immigration and border security policies. The mass protest is planned for several cities as a “May Day” event. The plan is for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to refuse to show up for work as a protest, thus repeating similar protests held in February. 
Carlson asked "Don't you think it a little much to sneak into someone else's country illegally and then protest their government? What country would put up with that? What sane country would allow that to happen?"  
Hernandez answered with the argument that because most residents of the United States are not  Native Americans, they are thus immigrants. Carlson said that Hernandez is advocating a "place without a government." He added that there is no government that allows anyone to enter unauthorized to live and work within its territory. "The purpose of a government," he said, "is to define and defend its borders. So, that's never happened."  In response, Hernandez recalled that the first 'Day without an Immigrant" protest was in 2006, and then complained that Barack Obama promised comprehensive immigration reform year after year but failed. He said, "We [will] rise up and we're not going to stand for having the Trump administration... build a wall and deport 11 million people."
When Hernandez asked Carlson again whether illegal immigrant farmworkers in California should have a voice in government, Carlson replied: "No."



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