A senior aid to the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, congratulated a Muslim terrorist for the murder of an Israeli infant during a night time raid in Jerusalem on October 22. Sultan Abu-Einen hailed on Facebook "the heroic martyr, Abed El-Rahman Idriss al-Shaludi," for the killing of a three-month-old Israeli Jewish girl. Al-Shaludi (a.k.a. Shaludeh) had been released from an Israeli prison in December 2013 after serving a 16-month sentence for his participation in previous terrorist activities.
Abu-Einen is a member of Central Committee of the Fatah terrorist organization (once known as the Palestinian National Organization, founded by Yasser Arafat) and also presides over a Palestinian liaison with non-governmental organizations such as the United Nations. He claimed that in early 2014, Shaludeh was rearrested at his home in the al-Bustan neighborhood of Jerusalem and kept in detention for 3 weeks before being re-released. His father resisted Israeli police when they came to his home to investigate the latest deadly incident, and is now in detention.
Shaludi drove his car into a crowd of waiting pedestrians on the evening of October 22. The incident occurred at a light-rail stop northeast of the holy city. He was shot by security officers at the scene and later died in hospital. His victim was named Chaya Zissel Braun.
Terrorist Shaludi had distinct ties to the Hamas terrorist organization. According to Palestinian media, his uncle was a master bomb-maker for Hamas. The uncle, Mohiyedine Sharif, was assassinated in 1998, apparently during internal conflicts between Palestinian militias.
Abu-Einen ends his laudatory post about Shaludi with a montage of two pictures - a close-up of the killer and a still image from a video recorded by an onlooker of his arrest by police after the attack, Ironically, Abu-Einen says it was Shaludeh, rather than the innocent child, who was "killed in cold blood."
"The following picture shows the last moments before his death as a martyr as a result of shot fired at close-range. He was murdered in cold blood," the post reads.
Shaludeh was shot and wounded by police as he fled the scene of the attack, and died shortly afterwards in hospital.
Following the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu blamed Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority for the ongoing violence as a result of the constant flow of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement coming from the PA, and from Abbas himself. "This is how Abu Mazen (Ed. note: Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)'s partners in government act, the same Abu Mazen who – only a few days ago – incited toward a terrorist attack in Jerusalem," Netanyahu said. 



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