President Trump announced today via Twitter that he will be headlining a rally at the Orlando-Melbourne Airport in Florida on February 18. The invitation issued the message that Trump intends to “put America back to work,” and “put people before government.” Included is a link to his eponymous website for those who wish to register for attendance. In much the same way, Trump issued such invitations to his supporters during his successful presidential campaign.

Not to be outdone, leftists are seeing an opportunity to voice their opposition to him at the rally.

The leftist Daily Kos website noted: “Comrade Trump misses the adoring crowds so much he’s decided to hold a rally,” while adding that it is an “an attempt to steer the conversation away from the news he and his staff may be compromised by the Russians.”

The website claimed that the purpose of Trump’s rally is purportedly to “boost his notoriously fragile ego.” The website included the same details and link that are found on the DonaldJTrump website. The rally is planned for 5 p.m. ET at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport on Saturday, February 18. Daily Kos added, “click here to RSVP and register for tickets. Bring a friend! Bring all your friends!” It went on to ask attendees to send photographs, reports and videos to Daily Kos.



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