Investigative author Edwin Black to lecture in UK on American financing of Palestinian terrorists

Edwin Black, author and investigative journalist, is set to travel to London as he continues his book tour featuring his new work, 'Financing the Flames: How Tax-Exempt and Public Money Fuel a Culture of Confrontation and Terror in Israel.' He is the author of several blockbuster bestsellers, including 'War Against the Weak', 'Banking on Baghdad', and 'IBM and the Holocaust.'

'Financing the Flames' examines the use of US tax-exempt, tax-subsidized, and public monies to destabilize Israel's armed forces and foster agitation in Israel, as well as finance terrorists. For example, the book recounts that Palestinian terrorists are actually compensated monetarily with funds from affiliated NGOs according to the severity of their crimes. Thus, terrorists are given inducements for bomb attacks and murder. Black traveled to Israel and the West Bank, at significant personal risk, to interview the victims of terrorist crimes, and the families of perpetrators, to document that it is highly politicized human rights organizations and NGOs themselves—all supported by U.S. taxpayers —which are financing terror that makes peace only a dream for Israel. 

An excerpt from Financing the Flames:

“One man with a big heart is gone. One man with a big knife is in prison. For the medical clown, writers will write, children and the widow will remember, engraved plaques will be laid. For the killer, his—and his family’s—money problems are over. One moment he was penniless without a job. Now he enjoys one of the best salaries in the land. His salary is assured, based on a seemingly endless supply of cash. Those who fund his salary are not nearby—they are in the United States, Great Britain, Norway, and other nations. When one asks who is financing the flames, the stunning answer can be seen with crystal clarity. It is us.” 

Spero columnist Stephanie Block, in reviewing Financing the Flames, wrote: "The book reads like a novel, beginning with the wedding of a 15th-generation sabra – a Jew who is native to his ancestral lands rather than transplanted from elsewhere.[ii]  Through the dramatic events of this particular young man, the reader is introduced to the Goldstone Mission report, a document based on “information provided by Israeli nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) avowedly devoted to human rights…” that “was later recanted as being based on false and incomplete information.”

Sponsored by the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, Black will appear in London on February 5. See: Zionist Federation

Spero News editor Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America. He is also a freelance translator.


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