According to a HuffingtonPost/YouGov poll, 83 percent of Americans who voted for Donald Trump believe that the media is hostile towards them. Also, 60 percent say that the media is the enemy to people like them. Released on Wednesday, the poll shows an increase over figures recorded in February. At that time, 51 percent of Trump voters polled thought that the media is “an enemy to people like you.” 68 percent of Hillary Clinton’s voters say the media is a friend or “ally” of people like them. 
Only 12 percent of Republicans believe the media is friendly to them. 44 percent believed the media is an enemy, while 68 percent said the press is opposed to them overall. However, among Democrats, 60 percent believe the media is “friendly to people like you” or “allies to people like you.” Only seven percent of Democrats think the press is an enemy.
The study showed that of all respondents, 25 percent believe the media are “enemies to people like” them, while another 19 percent said they were “unfriendly,” for a total of 44 percent who believed the media was hostile. Only 30 percent say media are friendly or allied to people like them.
Additionally, there is a sexual divide. 49 percent of men poll say the media is an enemy, while 28 percent agree the media constitute “enemies to people like you.” Among women, 40 percent see the media as biased against them. Age matters, too: 57 percent of Americans aged 65 and over say the media is “unfriendly to people like you” or “enemies to people like you.” Only 35 percent of young people between 18 and 29 felt that way.
Black Americans have a more sunny view of the media. Of black Americans polled, 45 percent say the media are allies or friends, as compared to the 26 percent who said the media is “unfriendly to people like you” or “enemies to people like you.” 50 percent of whites think the media are unfriendly or outright enemies of people like them, while 29 percent view media as a friend or ally. Among Hispanic respondents, only 18 percent think the media was positively inclined, while 39 percent thought the opposite, and 43 percent were unsure.



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