The young daughter of a pro-Trump journalist and audio engineer was publicly threatened by a leftist of the so-called Antifa movement. Cassandra Fairbanks, who described in a video she posted on Twitter her migration from her previous support for Sen. Bernie Sanders to her current support for President Trump, responded to a tweet from a group that calls itself “Arizona Antifa [fascist] Front. The account for Arizona Antifa Front confirmed that its members are armed.

In a tweet, the leftist group wrote “Some of us know you very personally Cass, and know just how afraid you can really get. Be careful doll, for your daughter’s sake.”

The tweet was deleted when Twitter declared that the tweet violated its terms of service. It was only then that the Antifa could continue to respond on Twitter to Fairbanks. The Antifa account issued another tweet, saying “We’ll catch you another time Cass, this isn’t the last you’ve heard or seen of us honey.”

In a subsequent tweet, the Antifa account threatened the children of other Trump supporters and commentators. “You better believe we have no problem threatening your leaders and their kids. Watch your back alt-reichers. No one’s off limits.”

The Antifa account at Twitter is still active despite the public threats against children, even while numerous so-called alt-right Twitter accounts have been permanently suspended for alleged harassment. For example, journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, a libertarian gadfly, was permanently banned from Twitter for his review of the performance of a black actress who appeared in a Hollywood movie last year.

Later on, Fairbanks appeared to identify a person threatening her child as a woman. Fairbanks said she would contact the FBI about the threats. She retweeted a tweet that included photos of a young woman, while writing “Sweet girl falls for bad boy in 2012, becomes junkie, wrong crowd, threatens children on internet 4 years later. A tragic tale.”

A tweet to Fairbanks from "Mike" and bearing the handle "bernies2020" threatened to run over Fairbanks's daughter with a car.



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