A radical pro-shariah Muslim advocate, Linda Sarsour of New York, issued threats against her political opponents. A founder and organizer of the anti-Trump Women’s March, she tweeted today, “These past few months have shown there is a clear campaign to defame my character that has come with emotional & financial damage.” 

Letting her critics know that she will see them in court, in a form of political combat that has become known as law-fare, she tweeted on July 11, “Just know that I am taking names of those who have lied about me to defame my character. I may be quiet now but not for long. I am working.” She went on to write, “I have the unfortunate receipts of what it costs to be the target of right wing media, elected officials, prominent individuals.”

In the series of tweets, Sarsour wrote: “I have a running document of the lies & who is putting them out there. This is not about setting records straight, it's who will pay for lies?” She added, “This is exhausting every day. Please pray for my children who I can't shelter from the vitriol they see.”

On Facebook, Sarsour wrote that day: "I have the unfortunate receipts of what it costs to be a target of the right win, alt-right, right wing zionists. This has caused my family great emotional stress and trauma. It's not free to keep my family safe. I just want people to know I am taking names of media outlets and prominent individuals who have used the last few months to defame my character. I may be quiet but they will pay with their pockets."

Ben Shapiro, the editor of The Daily Wire, wrote of the development: “Lawfare is one of the favorite tactics of ‘anti-Islamophobia’ scam artists. Apparently Sarsour is preparing to unleash that tactic, too.”

Sarsour has yet to respond to Brooklyn Democrat Dov Hikind, who demanded  this week that she account for $100,000 that she helped raise for a Jewish cemetery in Colorado but which says it has not received the money. According to the Algemeiner newspaper, a spokesman for the Golden Hill Cemetery in Lakewood CO has not received an answer from three phone calls to Tarek El-Messidi, the founder of non-profit Islamic education organization Celebrate Mercy. Sarsour and El-Messidi led the high-profile effort by the Muslim community in February and March to raise money for vandalized Jewish cemeteries in the US. Most of those instances of vandalism were hoaxes.

In recent weeks, Sarsour has been widely criticized after she called for “jihad” against the White House, which she identified as a den of racists, Islamophobes, and white supremacists.



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