Two armed suspects tried to carjack a disabled man in Houston but were foiled in the nick of time by police officers. The man’s son recorded dramatic video of the carjacking attempt on the north end of the Texan metropolis.
On March 3, two bank robbery suspects led police officers on a high speed chase in Houston, reaching speeds of 100 miles an hour. An overhead helicopter captured scenes of the escape vehicle attempting to elude police by driving through the parking lot of a shopping mall and then going on to a freeway. When one of the tires on their car apparently ran flat, they stopped alongside the disabled man’s car and put a gun to his face.
The son of the disabled man was outside of the car taking video of the chase. One of the two suspects descended from the car and threatened the disabled man with a gun. Fortunately, several police cars showed up and an officer arrested him and put him on the ground. The driver of the vehicle has been identified as Christopher Bishop; the other suspect has been identified as Travis Drain. When the suspects finally bailed out of their car, police say they tried to carjack a disabled man parked next to them. The victim was shooting video when the suspect put a gun in his face.
The man's son was outside the car videotaping the chase and couldn't believe it when they suddenly stopped and jumped out. He held the suspect. A cop then ran up and cuffed him.
The pursuit began after a robbery was reported at the Amegy Bank in Bellaire. A witness to the robbery, who had hidden under a desk, called police in Bellaire and described the suspects’ vehicle as a black Mercedes Benz. Alerted, Houston Police Department officers spotted the vehicle on Main Street and then pursued the robbers on their wild ride. During the pursuit, the men threw out two bank bags from the vehicle. They also ran into three vehicles along the way.
Having reached Enid Street in north Houston in their smoking and disabled vehicle, suspect Bishop attempted to carjack both Carlos Mora and his son, Jose. Carlos Mora, who is handicapped, was sitting in the driver's seat of his car, according to police. When Bishop tried to open the driver's side door, Jose Mora confronted him and pushed him, according to the police. 
Jose Mora attempted to take down the suspect, who managed to take a swing at him before police took Bishop down. "It was clear that these individuals did not care about the safety and well-being of the public," Capt. Larry Satterwhite said.
Carlos Mora considers his son a hero.
Drain attempt to flee, but was caught by lawmen nearby. Both Bishop, 34, and Drain, 30, are being charged with one count of bank robbery. The pair of robbers are from the Memphis, Tennessee, area and may be connected to other bank robberies.



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