Video: Hillary Clinton's Marxist legacy in Central America

science | Oct 16, 2016 | By Fergus Hodgson

According to current polling results, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a 24-point advantage over her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump, on foreign policy—this despite her obvious blunders in Libya, Syria and other areas. Even so, a major portion of Clinton’s foreign policy is concealed in an intervention that Americans do not know. This is her close relationship with Marxist guerrillas in Guatemala.
From Hillary with Love, a new documentary film, is on a mission to inform Americans of these facts. It blows the lid off an intervention symbolic of broader “progressive” meddling at the expense of the US taxpayer.
In 21 minutes, the film—subtitled A Coup in Slow Motion—connects the dots between the rising power of violent Marxists in Guatemala and the inappropriate activities of three US ambassadors. It includes a narrative of actions by Hillary Clinton, who as Secretary of State took direct charge of this policy.
From Hillary with Love has a first-hand account of Clinton's meddling from a man who dealt with her as Guatemala’s president. It carries rare interviews with victims of attacks carried out by organizations protected by the US embassy and by Clinton's surrogate in Guatemala, Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz (2010-2014).
The film’s producer is Steve Hecht, a long-time resident of Guatemala originally from New York City. A businessman and commentator, he is the author of numerous articles that have gone viral in Guatemala, including "Obama's Got the Guatemalan Militia's Back" and "One Man Rules Guatemala, and He Isn't Jimmy Morales".
Hecht says that the US government is the most powerful in the world, and is using this power to "lead a radical collectivist takeover of the state of Guatemala." "I find that to be horrifying. I was educated in the United States … and the principles that I was brought up with, that I was educated with, I see all of them being violated here."
The film's narrator, David Landau, is an author and journalist. He points out that Americans should be concerned about the visible ramifications of a failed state to the south. The victims of centrally planned economies with arbitrary justice inevitably flee and arrive on US borders.
To some degree, From Hillary with Love is also an invitation to examine the topic more deeply. Hecht and Landau believe the film communicates these extraordinary events in a more personal way, and gives a close-up view of Clinton's foreign policy that is simply not available elsewhere.
Hecht and Landau have made the film freely available via YouTube as an educational vehicle.



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