Gearing up for the 2014 elections

Rev. William Barber speaks at Moral Monday meeting, 2013. Wikipedia
Sigh.  It’s getting to be that time.
In anticipation of the 2014 elections, the left has launched a “Moral Mondays” campaign.  Moral Mondays began last year in North Carolina, as a reaction to the state’s election of a Republican governor and a Republican majority in both state houses.  The protests object to voter IDs, any cuts to social welfare programs, or weakening of environmental restrictions or abortion rights.  
The North Carolina protests to “take back North Carolina”[i] have been spurred by “religious progressives,”[ii] and include a loose coalition of abortion and homosexual “rights” advocates, the Center for Community Change, unions, and others under the coalition title “Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ).”[iii]
By January 2014, Moral Mondays were being convened in Georgia to protest the governor’s decision to not expand Medicaid.  Moral Monday George coalition members include ABLE (Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment), an affiliate of the Gamaliel organizing network, the Workers World Party, and local chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America.[iv]
South Carolina followed suit with "Truthful Tuesdays," protesting efforts to dismantle Obamacare.  In New York, an Interfaith Worker Justice affiliate, the Labor-Religion Coalition of New York, is a principle actor behind Moral Mondays in that state, lobbying for a “moral budget.”[v] Wisconsin progressives began organizing in June.[vi]  Rev. Dr. William Barber II, leader of the Moral Mondays movement, was the keynote speaker at a Gamaliel Foundation affiliate, MORE2 (Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity – Kansas City), Imagine banquet.[vii]
These progressive groups, many aligned with and supported by progressive elements in various religious traditions, travel together.  The pro-abortion, homosexual activist, statist organizations walk hand-in-hand with Alinskyian organizations, many of which operate within “faith institutions.” 
As such, “Moral Mondays” and “Truthful Tuesdays” are moral abominations concocted by the prince of deceivers….neither moral nor truthful.
But this is politics.
Spero columnist Stephanie Block is the author of the four-volume Change Agents: Alinskyian Organizing Among Religious Bodies, available at Amazon.
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