Where the Two are, There also is Christ
Where shall I find the strength to describe adequately the joy of a marriage contracted in Church, confirmed at the altar, sealed by the blessing which the angels announce and God the Father ratifies? 
What a beautiful pair two believers make when they put in common their hopes, their ideals, their way of living, their attitude of service! Both of them are servants of the same Lord, without the slightest difference of body or soul. So they pray together, they kneel together, they fast together. 
They teach one another, they encourage one another, they support one another. In the congregation they stand together, they are together at the table of the Lord, together in trials, in persecution, and in joys. There is no danger of their hiding something from one another nor of their avoiding or annoying each other.
They are happy to visit the sick and help the needy. They give alms with no ulterior motive, they share in the Eucharistic Sacrifice unhurriedly, they carry out their duties every day without wearying. They make the sign of the cross openly, they give God thanks without any reserve, they bless themselves without any shyness in their voices. They recite the psalms and hymns in alternate voices and compete to see which of them sings the praises of God best. 
Seeing and hearing this, Christ rejoices and gives His peace to the couple. Where the two are, there also is Christ. 
 Tertullian is the anglicized name of Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus, a Christian theologian who lived at Carthage in North Africa (160-220).



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