John Balyo, 35, has admitted to raping a 12-year-old boy, a prosecutors said on June 24. A former Christian radio host, Balyo was arrested on June 20 at the Big Ticket Christian music festival in Gaylord, Michigan. He was a morning show host on Christian station WCSG in Grand Rapids MI. A Calhoun County prosecutor said at Balyo’s arraignment that the disgraced radio personality freely admitted to the rape of a child. Balyo was denied bail after being charged with first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct.  For his crimes, he may spend the rest of his life in prison. He is a resident of Caledonia MI.
Balyo, who was recently married to a woman, has a stepson. 
Caledonia County prosecutor David Gilbert said the accused has admitted to 'some' charges which police said related to a single incident that allegedly occurred at a residence in Battle Creek MI on May 17. Balyo allegedly paid 41-year-old Ronald Moser to have unnatural relations with a young boy. It was during a June 5 raid on Moser’s property that Balyo was found at the home with a 12-year-old boy. Moser allegedly posted an online photo album that displayed ten images of a hog-tied young boy. The boy’s buttocks were exposed, according to a federal law enforcement officer. Albums posted by Moser were entitled ‘very cute boy’ and ‘sexy boys’, according to police.
Calhoun County is home to Battle Creek, which is known as ‘Cereal City’ since it was there that Kellogg’s Post cereals originated in western Michigan. The west side of the Mitten State is otherwise known for its conservative lifestyle.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation alleges that Moser posted the online images in order to trade in pornography. It further alleged that Moser ran a website providing unnatural relations with underage boys for money. A number of different law enforcement agencies, including Homeland Security, discovered Moser’s operations in a larger probe called 'Operation Predator'.  
Radio station WCSG has fired Balyo and has asked for prayers for victims, Balyo and his family. Balyo had worked for WCSG for eight years. “We sincerely grieve over these recent events, in particular the tragic impact on victims and their parents. The trafficking and exploitation of minors is absolutely deplorable,” said a statement by the radio station. “The WCSG family is deeply aching and know you may be hurting as well.”
 A WCSG spokesman added, “'We know that no one, absolutely no one, is immune from falling into the darkness of sin. And yet, we have hope. Those who truly follow and live for Jesus Christ know He alone has the power to restore broken lives and broken trust.” 
Balyo will face the court on July 7 and will have a trial on August 18. 



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