Afghanistan: Increasing civilian casualties in Afghanistan, more than three thousand in 2011

According to UN Mission in Afghanistan report, about 77% of the victims due to continue suicide attacks and the violence of groups linked to the Taliban. Since 2007 civilian deaths amounted to 11,800. AsiaNews sources underline the extreme climate of insecurity experienced by the population and ...

Kabul - The number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan is on the rise, according to a UN Mission in Afghanistan published in recent days. The study reveals that in 2011 there were 3,021 civilian casualties in Taliban attacks and military aerial bombardment, 609 more than the figure for 2009 and 231 compared to 2010. Since 2007 the number of deaths has amounted to 11,864.

AsiaNews sources explain that this situation is caused by the attacks perpetrated by anti-government forces. "The whole country has become an insecure place – they explain - even the capital has become a battleground between the army and anti-government groups who support the Taliban. In November, over 40 people were killed in an attack on the mosque in Baghlan in the north. " 77% of victims of 2011 died in suicide bombings, explosions and shootings with a growth of 14% compared to 2010. Of these, 967 were killed by landmines and other explosive devices placed in residential areas, the victims are mostly children. The dead from international force air raids and military operations are about 410.

The sources emphasize that the increase of violence against civilian targets is a sign of how this ten year war has resolved nothing. “The civilian deaths that have been reported do not count the hundreds of silent victims of tribal and family violence, which are becoming increasingly common even in areas controlled by Western forces." The sources cite the case of a woman strangled by her husband because she was guilty of having given birth to third daughter and not a son. The murder, which occurred in late January, has attracted new attention to the rights of Afghan women subjected to all forms of torture and abuse, in their own home.

"What many people wonder - the sources add - is what brought the West to this country? Why are Europe and other countries not indignant at these silent deaths that say much more than the suffering of these people compared to the percentages of the UN reports? Why continue to spend money to strengthen the army and not to build infrastructure, schools, homes that would give these people a tangible sign of the usefulness of 10 years of war? "(SC)

Source: Asia News


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