An amateur video recorded the fright of passengers on a commercial airline flight from Torreon to Mexico City when a sizeable venomous snake dropped down from the ceiling of the jet plane and into the passenger compartment. Aeromexico airlines issued a statement that the snake was seen on the November 6 flight 231 from the city in northern Mexico to Mexico City.
The video shows the approximately four-foot long snake issued from a space between overhead storage bins and the interior wall of the cabin. It droped down partially in the video before the camera cut out. The incident was reminiscent of the Hollywood thriller, starring Samuel L. Jackson, "Snakes on a Plane."
Aeromexico's statement said that the plane was given priority to land at Mexico City's international airport where workers secured the reptile by wrapping it with blankets. The Mexican airline said that it is now investigating how the snake got into the passenger cabin and is seeking to prevent snakes from entering planes in the future. The video on social media purporting to show the snake can be seen below. 
Brave passenger Indalecio Medina posted a video to Twitter showing the snake. Reportedly, it is a venomous green viper. Medina described it as a "unique experience" and claimed to capture it in a blanket and "gave it some magazines to read."
Although it has not been officially identified, the snake in the video resembles the palm-viper or eyelash-viper, which is a member of the Bothriechis genus of venomous pitvipers. They are found predominantly in Mexico and Central America, although the most common species, B. schlegelii, ranges as far south as Colombia and Peru. In Mexico and Central America, it is known as Víbora de pestañas or Nauyaca de árbol. Its bite leaves behind a powerful haemotoxin that if left untreated can cause the loss of a limb or even death. 
In Spanish, Medina wrote: La vibora voladora...ja ja ja. Una experiencia única en el Vuelo Torreón-México, vuelo 231 de Aeroméxico. Eso si...Prioridad en aterrizaje. "A flying viper, ha ha ha. A unique experience on the Torreon-Mexico Flight 231 on Aero Mexico. That's for sure...priority landing."



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