According to a recent YouGov opinion poll, more Brits are in favor of a state visit by President Trump than those who are opposed. When asked, 49% of British adult respondents said they would greet the visit, as compared to 36% who remain opposed. The YouGov poll probed 1,705 respondents for all the questions except one.
The poll came after leftist anti-Trump protests broke out across the United Kingdom and in continental Europe. So far, 1.78 million persons have signed on to a petition on the British parliament’s website asking that Trump be banned. A rival petition that is welcoming the visit has attracted 200,000 signatures of Britons who would welcome the official visit. Both petitions will be debated in the House of Commons.
The poll found that 50% of British adults are opposed to Trump January 27 executive order that imposed a 90-day restriction on immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries, while also preventing all refugees from entering for 120 days. Of those polled, 29% said they were in favor of the order. The poll found that 49% of Britons are opposed to seeing a similar restriction imposed in Britain, while 27% are in favor. For the latter question, 6,926 respondents were polled.
Men are more likely to be in favor of Trump's state visit than women: three in five want to see Trump, while among women the figure was two in five. Older Britons were found to be more open to a visit. Of respondents who voted in favor of seeing the UK leave the EU, 68% think Trump’s visit should proceed, while there was half as much support among those who voted to remain in the EU. The survey was conducted January 30-31. 



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