In a Twitter posting, President Trump urged the public to watch Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” which is hosted by legal analyst Jeanine Pirro. On her March 25 show, Pirro referred to a case that has stirred public debate in Maryland. Two illegal immigrant teen males are accused of raping a 14-year-old girl at a Montgomery County school, thus raising questions about the lack of vetting of immigrants and refugees by federal and local authorities. 
Montgomery County is among other such jurisdictions that proclaim themselves to be “sanctuary” locales and thus limit their cooperation with federal immigration authorities when asked to hold or detain immigrants wanted for questioning.
In the segment, Pirro asked viewers, “Do you know who is in school with your children? Do you think your school principal  or administrator has your back? Think again!” 
Pirro interviewed Sheriff Bunny Welch of Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy (R). Referring to the so-called sanctuary policies of many cities in the U.S., Pirro said “They’re a sanctuary county. That means they won’t honor a federal detainer from ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]. That means that they’re not going to tell ICE where these guys are, and let them roam freely. Correct?” Welch agreed, who said it is a “tragedy on many levels. Because the greatest job of the government is to protect its citizens.” She added, “The system failed every step of the way in this case.” 
Pirro said that the city of Lynn has the fifth largest school district in the state of Massachusetts. She asked Mayor Kennedy about the impact that the influx of immigrants has had on the community. Kennedy answered that they have been a “tremendous strain on the city’s budget.” she said that the city has five schools that are more than 100 years old that are expected to accommodate 500 new non-English-speaking students in the coming year. No new schools are slated for construction.
Kennedy said that initial evaluations found that many of the incoming immigrant students have no education beyond the third grade, but are “growing well into adulthood. We can’t put them in a third-grade classroom. We had one man with greying temples. I couldn’t see putting that person into a third-grade class. So, they go in as freshman in high school.” 
Pirro asked about night school for adults in the Lynn school system. Kennedy answered that while there was a night school, a child advocacy group said that the district was not providing equal education to the students. The night school was thus closed. “Everyone was put into the regular daytime classes.” Pirro then asked whether the mayor knows whether the incoming immigrant student have criminal backgrounds or vaccination records. “Do you know who these people are?”
Kennedy answered, “No, they don’t come in with any records of any sort. Not even a birth certificate, so we have to accept their age when they enter school.” Kennedy said that visitors to the high schools will see that there are students who appear to be older than adolescents. She also said that these adult students used the same restrooms as teen students.



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