ACT for America is planning a nationwide “March Against Sharia – March for Human Rights” on June 10 that so far has 28 cities signed up to participate.

Organizers say they will be taking a public stand against female genital mutilation, honor violence, the blasphemy and apostasy laws, among other elements of Shariah that are increasingly showing up in American society.

Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of ACT for America, said America is now starting to experience some of the same atrocities of Shariah that her family escaped in Lebanon decades ago.

“We want to increase awareness about certain practices that are starting to happen in our country with the rise of Islamic immigration, because we are now hearing about female genital mutilation, like the cases in Detroit recently announced by the Department of Justice,” she told WND. “Who would have thought in 21st century America, after what women did working so hard in defense of women’s rights that we’d be talking about little girls being horribly mutilated, and that 513,000 girls are at risk of this barbaric Third World procedure, according to the CDC [Centers for Disease Control].”

ACT will also shine a light on honor killings and honor violence.

“It’s already here in America,” Gabriel said. “We’re seeing girls being killed simply for wanting to wear makeup. Under our Constitution they deserve the same rights and protections.”

She said U.S. feminists are “completely silent on this issue, and that is why we are trying to humanize this issue by putting names behind these atrocities. On our website we have faces of girls and woman who have been killed in the name of honor by their husbands in America. We want to personalize these faces so when people hear about honor killing and FGM they know it is happening here in America to American girls and women, not just in Pakistan or India or Saudi Arabia.”

Scott Presler received his ‘wake-up call’ after the Orlando attack of June 12, 2016.

Scott Presler, one of the organizers of the event, said the left will try to paint the rallies as “Islamophobic” and anti-Muslim, because that’s what the left always does in its defense of the Islamist agenda.

If radical leftists want to hold counter protests in favor of female genital mutilations, honor killings and the death penalty for former Muslims who have left the faith, they are more than welcome to do so, he said.

“You cannot be pro-Shariah and call yourself a feminist – that is called fake feminism, people like Linda Sarsour are fake feminists and hypocrites,” said Presler, referring to the leader of the Women’s March on Washington after Donald Trump was elected president.

“And we’re not afraid to call them out,” he added. “We are here to protect our communities and educate them on the issues and get them to call their legislators to pass legislation that protects women and other victims of Shariah.”

Presler said his own wake-up call came one year ago on June 12, when the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was attacked by the son of an Afghan immigrant who killed 49 people in an act of jihad.

“I came out as gay after the attack on Pulse. I never intended to come out, at least not this soon, but after it happened, I felt I had to take a stand, I felt obligated, I had to fight for my community, my country,” Presler told WND.

In Muslim-majority countries where Shariah rules, there is no debate as to whether homosexuals should be allowed to marry. The debate is how best to punish them, and in some countries such as Saudi Arabia, how best to kill them – whether by beheading or throwing them off of tall buildings.

“We are under attack simply because of our sexuality. Just like women, just for being born a female you are already under attack, and I think that’s demonstrative of how extreme radical Islam really is,” Presler said. “I had to educate myself and now I’m trying to educate others.”

After the Orlando attack, Presler said he joined ACT for America.

“I had seen Brigitte Gabriel’s videos in the past, but after Orlando that was my wake-up call. Her wake-up call was 9/11, whereas my wake-up call was Pulse Nightclub,” said Presler, who grew up in northern Virginia and now lives in Virginia Beach.

Gabriel told WND the first national anti-Shariah rallies have the goal of humanizing the effects of Islamic law on real Americans.

28 cities in 21 states have so far signed up for ACT for America anti-Shariah rallies.

Look to Europe for the model

“We have former imams speaking, former Muslims, gays, women who survived acid attacks, we have everybody coming together and speaking saying ‘we are fed up.’ We do not want to go down the path of Europe,” she said. “What is going on in Europe is a preview of what is coming to America and in fact is already here.”

Gabriel also points to the Orlando attack as an example of what can happen when Muslims fail to assimilate into American culture.

“We want to remind Americans what Shariah says about gays. We have a lot of people in America who may not agree with the gay lifestyle but they would never go out and kill gays, and certainly don’t teach their kids to go into gay nightclubs and blow people up,” she said. “So we want to wake up Americans and make them aware of who we are inviting into our country, we want people to come here who love America and our freedoms and who believe we are all equal in the eyes of God, we want them to assimilate, to adopt our laws, and respect the American culture, not go on importing people into our country who hold values that are completely opposed to our values, our country, our Constitution.

“They are welcome to come here but they are not welcome to mutilate their daughters’ genitals or beat their wives or kill homosexuals.”

Presler said any city can host a march but ACT wanted to make sure a rally was scheduled for cities and states that have experienced terrorism, FGM or honor violence. Venues such as New York, Orlando, Atlanta, Minnesota, Michigan, and San Bernardino were a priority. Another rally is scheduled for Richardson, Texas, the site of the Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial in 2008.

In Lawrenceville, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, a 42-year-old mother and her teenage daughter were attacked outside their own home by a Muslim refugee from Somalia one year ago. The Somali woman, dressed in a burqa with only her eyes showing, beat Dami Arno with her own American flagpole before she was subdued with the help of a neighbor.

Leo Hohmann writes for World Net Daily.



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