Father of wounded Spanish royal under investigation

Felipe Juan Froilan de Marichalar, grandson of the Spanish monarchs, wounded himself with a shotgun. His father faces fines and seizure of his firearms.

Spain’s Guardia Civil, the country’s national police force, has begun an investigation into the causes and possible related charges arising from an incident on April 9 in which the grandson of the Spanish monarchs was seriously wounded by a shotgun discharge. Felipe Juan Froilán de Marichalar y Borbon is the son of Jaime de Marichalar and Elena de Borbón, and was with his father during a vacation at their country estate in Soria when the 13-year-old boy reportedly discharged his 410 gage shotgun into his right foot. He remains hospitalized at a clinic in Madrid that has since been inundated by reporters.

The firearms division of the Guardia Civil in Soria has begun an investigation, starting with a medical report received from a local hospital where the boy received first aid before being transferred to Madrid.  In Spain it is illegal for minors under the age of 14 to wield a firearm of the type that wounded the boy this week. Therefore, Jaime de Marichalar may soon find himself before a judge and face fines ranging from 300 to 600 euros for possible firearms charges, or up to 6000 euros for child endangerment. Father and son were practicing with their shotguns near the family’s home in Soria when the boy shot himself in the foot.

Other penalties for Jaime de Marichalar may also include seizure of his firearms and munitions present at the time of the accident, while associated licenses may also be revoked for a period of two years.  However, the local government of Soria may also impose any other sanction it deems necessary on the firearms charges once the Guardia Civil concludes its investigation.

 According to sources in Spain, the boy discharged his shotgun into his right foot in the region of his toes, but the wound was limited to just one entrance wound and one exit wound since the pellets within the hurtling cartridge had not been able to expand their pattern over such a short distance.  The boy received a visit from his grandmother, Queen Sofía, on April 10 and is said to be in good spirits pending his release. His parents are divorced.

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