A leading Jewish voice in condemning Muslim terrorism, Laura Loomer, tweeted after the terrorist attack on Halloween in New York City that Mayor Bill de Blasio has "blood on his hands" for aligning himself with Muslim activist Linda Sarsour. Sayfulla Saipov, a legal immigrant from Uzbekistan who attended a mosque in New Jersey that has been under federal surveillance for several years, killed eight people and wounded 11 when he drove a rented pickup truck for a mile along a bicycle path in Manhattan on Tuesday. He has been linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) and had been under watch by federal law enforcement. 

Some establishment media are however apparently concerned about "backlash" against Muslims in the U.S. as a result of this latest act of Muslim terrorism. NBC, for instance, tweeted: "Muslim Americans again brace for backlash after New York attacks." 

Loomer tweeted that Islam is a "cancer" and used the #banIslam and #proudIslamophobe. She also posted a photograph depicting a meeting Mayor de Blasio had with Sarsour, an American citizen of Palestinian Muslim parentage who has led numerous protests against President Donald Trump, including the Womens March on Washington in January. She has been a constant critic of Trump's immigraiton policies, especially those directed at stemming the entry of persons from Muslim-majority countries that have faulty vetting and passport procedures such as Syria, Iraq, and Iran. 

Loomer also claimed that Sarsour has  “jihad in the U.S.” while renewing her support of Trump's executive orders to limit immigration from several Muslim-majority countries in an effort to stem terrorism. So far, Trump's executive actions have been stymied by court actions. Loomer tweeted that any critic of Trump's policy "looks like a total a--hole now."

In the hours after the attack, Sarsour tweeted: "Every believing Muslim says Allahu akbar during prayers. We cannot criminalize 'God is great.' Prosecute the criminal not the faith." Terrorist Saipov shouted "Allahu akbar" after carrying out the attack while waving pistols in the air.

After midnight in the pre-dawn hours on November 1, Loomer posted a video of a confrontation he had with a woman dressed in hijab who identified herself as an employee of the New York Times. When Loomer asked her to repudiate the terrorist incident, the woman would not answer. "Do you disavow killing in the name of Islam?" asked Loomer. An off-camera voice was heard to say, "That's so rude!" Loomer said she didn't care if she was rude. Another woman approached Loomer and argued with her, saying "Muslim is a religion. It has nothing to do with terrorism."



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