Once again voter fraud is in the news.
An unnamed La Mesa, California couple made national headlines this week when they received a voter registration card from Cover California, the state Obamacare exchange, that was pre-marked with a check in the Democratic box.
The Daily Caller reported that the couple said in a telephone interview that they also know of at least two other people who received similar cards. However, they additional people were afraid to come forward due their fear of government harassment, including being audited.
The wife in the La Mesa case indicated that she fears the IRS coming after her.
“We’ve got the IRS, gun owning, Obamacare, they are all interlocked now and it is just getting tighter and tighter and tighter around our necks,” she explained.
Covered California spokeswoman Anne Gonzales told the Daily Caller that the Obamacare exchanges have mailed out 500,000 voter registration materials to those individuals who have applied for health insurance.
Suffice it to say, this voter fraud mechanism is nothing new.
In 2008 I ran a state assembly campaign in the city of Compton. When I reviewed the voter registration rolls in the 51st Assembly District, I found a huge number of potentially fraudulent cases in these rolls.
For example, there were 56 individuals registered at 5701 S. San Pedro Street in Los Angeles. Another 27 individuals were registered at 4771 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, and 19 at Post Office box in Los Angeles. Nineteen at a PO Box?!
In all, I found 358 registered to vote from 221 households. All but 38 were registered as Democrats. The 38 were 'Decline to State.'
Additionally, I found 182 individuals registered that had birthdates of January 1, 1900. Of those, 171 were Democrats, 6 Decline to State, and 5 Republicans. These individuals were all registered to vote in Compton. And by the way, they all were 108 years old!!
After visiting the office of the Los Angeles Registrar-recorder in Norwalk and getting nowhere with my information, I wrote to the Director Dean Logan, about what I had found.
Director Logan promised to investigate and get back to me. Yet, after multiple calls to his office, I never received an explanation nor even a phone call.
Now, while I do not have evidence that each and every one of these registered voters actually showed up at the polls that year, the fact that they were on the rolls makes the process suspicious to say the least.
I have long suspected that voter fraud is rampant in this country especially when there is no serious investigation when it is suspected.
The Democrats continue to say that voter ID laws suppress the votes of minorities, something that is fraudulent in itself.
To buy cigarettes, alcohol and even a Greyhound bus ticket in some areas of the country requires a photo ID. 
To visit our Attorney General, Eric Holder, you must present a photo ID. And yes, this is the same AG who has been suing states attempting to overturn their voter ID laws.
I am anxiously awaiting the results of Ms. Gonzales’ investigation of the pre-marked registration cards, at this point potentially all 500,000 of them.  
Is there anyone out there in America that believes I should hold my breath?
Spero columnist John Mancino is an independent writer and security specialist in California.



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