China: Beijing, raped by police for seeking justice from government

The Chinese public security – strengthened by new powerful criminal code- arrests, rapes and even condemns disabled women to forced labor. The cases of Zhao Guixian and Zhu Guiqin.

Beijing - The Chinese public security stops at nothing. In order to avoid awkward complaints and repeated petitions - which are guaranteed by law - they even arrived in recent days at kidnapping and raping protesters demanding justice. Moreover, strengthened by the new powerful criminal code, they have even sentenced disabled to hard labor. This was revealed by the Chinese Human Rights Defender, which has published the worst cases of human rights violations.

Beijing police have arrested without reason and then sentenced to 18 months of "reeducation through labor" a disabled woman who came from Shulan, Jilin province, to petition the central government. The reasons for the arrest, which occurred last week, are not clear Zhao Guixiang, involved in a car accident in 2004, had filed dozens of complaints to the central authority after his level of disability was not recognized.

The capital's police forcibly entered her apartment in Beijing and seized her phone, ID card and all documents relating to her petition. After that she was dragged to a car and brought to Shulan where she remained for 10 days in police custody and was condemned. With the new Criminal Code that came into force during the last National People's Congress, the public  security officials do not need to validate their arrests and a judge can hold anyone up to 6 months without communicating anything to anyone.

Even worse is the case of Zhu Guiqin, from Fushun in Heilongjiang, who was kidnapped and raped in Beijing by unidentified men - some sources identify them as men from the local government - between 11 and 13 April. This is one of the worst human rights violations ever documented in recent years.

On 11 April, Zhu was kidnapped on the streets of Beijing and dragged into a pickup truck. The kidnappers seized her identity card, mobile phone, a USB stick, cash and credit cards. Then they tied her hands and feet and said they were hired by the government, which asked them to "do away with her in five days." 30 minutes after the kidnapping, the truck picked up a man named Xiao Hai who raped her.

After this violence she was locked in a room with no windows for two days. On April 13, drover her back to Fushun City. She was met by the vice party secretary of the subdistrict office in front of her home. She continued to be held in her home for three days, during which she called both the local and the Beijing police, but both refused to investigate.



Source: Asia News


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