The musician known as "Kid Rock" has launched a line of fashionable T-shirts and hats to promote President-elect Donald Trump while slamming Americans who voted against the New Yorker. Kid Rock's real name is Bob Ritchie. His goods bear the slogan "God, Guns & Trump" or "Make America Bad Ass Again", among others.
The outspoken Trump supporter has declared that there is huge demand for T-shirts that says that anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton lives in "Dumbf--kistan." The rest of the country, he said, would have T-shirts labeled "The United States of America."
Ritchie grew up in Romeo, a leafy suburb of Detroit. He has segued from his early urban rocker/rapper image to Southern rock and to the current country-rock style, espousing patriotism while displaying the American flag along with the Confederate battle flag.
He is known for songs such as "Born Free," which was released in 2010.


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