Sebastian Gorka, who serves as an assistant deputy to President Donald Trump, told Joe Concha of The Hill that he was disappointed with an interview CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s conducted with  Kellyanne Conway. Conway was Trump’s campaign director and is now one of his closest advisors. 
“The tone was very disappointing,” Gorka said, “It was trying to treat a woman as a punching bag, really. It was clear.” Gorka went on to characterize Tapper’s questioning of Conway as "aggressive." 
During an interview with Tapper on February 7, Conway spoke erroneously about a so-called “Bowling Green Massacre” as one of  the several terrorist attacks that justified President Trump’s January 27 executive order that temporarily halted immigration from seven mostly-Muslim countries. Tapper questioned Conway’s credibility as a White House spokesperson. Conway ultimately said that she had misspoken. 
Gorka told Concha that Tapper had been "very nice" during their exchange, but in the interview with Conway it was obvious that Tapper wanted to "take her down." He pointed out that Tapper offered 20 pre-recorded of clips of past coverage in an effort to show the media had reported on terrorism despite the administration's claims to the contrary.
CNN responded to Gorka’s observations today: "If Gorka or anyone else from the administration had been on The Lead that day they would have received the same interview. It's disappointing to see any administration retreat into false claims of addressing the issues at hand.



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