Germany: Christian pastors commit 'high treason' against Jesus and Gospel

politics | Dec 20, 2013 | By Martin Barillas

Nassim Ben Iman is former Muslim who is now an outspoken Christian activist in Germany. In an interview with Michael Stürzenberger of Die Freiheit – a liberarian populist political party – Nassim warned  that Islamic values are entirely at odds with Enlightenment ideas about religious tolerance. Islam, according to Nassim – who is frequently sought out as a speaker – “has nothing to do with the Basic Law,” of Germany.
In the interview, which was conducted in Munich and appeared on December 20 at Politically Incorrect News, Nassim claimed that a number of German politicians have privately agreed with him, but are afraid of going public with their misgivings about the influence of Islam in Germany.
Moreover, Nassim was especially critical of Protestant Christian pastors who invite Muslim religious leaders to speak from church pulpits. Nassim said that this is “high treason to Jesus Christ and the Gospel.” 
Nassim has spoken before various legislatures in Germany, including the Bavarian parliament.



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